Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Robert Kiyosaki and the Conspiracy of the Rich on ABC News

The author of many books including "Rich Dad Poor Dad" speaks about the conspiracy of the rich, and how they have controlled the inflation and the deflation of the US Currency. Buy more silver, and Buy more Gold! Make sure to hold on to your precious metals! We are about to hit a major economic collapse, and our currency is doomed! Everyone is trying to tell us about precious metals. It no longer makes economic sense to invest in publicly traded stock. All companies fluctuate based on their puppet masters. Gold has been around almost since the beginning of civilization, and has always been a symbol of great wealth. Even in today's society many rich and famous love to flaunt their money by purchasing platinum, white gold, gold, and jewels. It is always a smart decision in almost any market, to get your hands on these raw precious metals. Buying jewelry and the like is not the same as buying bars. When you buy jewelry you are also paying the designer, and the retailer.

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