Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weiner Vs. Goldline: Congressman takes on Goldline for Price Gouging

Goldline is a company that turns gold into collectible gold coins. Glenn Beck on Fox News has been using them as a sponsor, and they pay him big bucks. He talks about the declining dollar, and how all paper money is going to be doomed. Of course, shortly after, he then refers you to this company even on his Radio Show. Goldline does not offer an explanation for the reasoning behind there high prices, and they provide a variety of different gold coins for you to purchase at their cost. This is a bunch of nonsense. There prices for these gold coins in no way correlates with the weight they are in Gold. You are paying them a hefty markup so they can stamp these coins. People that don't have a knowledge on how much Gold is actually worth fall victim to this scam. They are basically turning good-spirited investors into Coin Collectors without them even realizing it. The only way you can make money on these coins is if they become collectible. If there really is a coming economic collapse where paper money becomes useless, they will become just as useless as these coins. Yes they are made with real gold, the problem is they are over prices. If they do not become collectible which they probably won't you will have to wait until Gold goes WAYYYY up in value before you actually make your money back.

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