Friday, December 10, 2010

How To Not Get Ripped Off Selling Your Gold

Many different companies claim that they will give you the best price for your gold. It has been proven by mainstream news that they actually give you pennies on the dollar. They bank on you not knowing the real value of your gold. If you do not want to get ripped off by companies of this type, then here are a few tips that may help you get the best price.

  • Know the retail value of your gold items.
  • Know the melt value of your gold (changes based on the karat)
  • If it has personal value to you, you will never get the price you want.

The Better Business Bureau has recommended some companies that they feel are your safest bet. However, the Better Business Bureau has also been in the news for giving companies a higher rating, if they "pay their fee". This is a shady business practice in itself, and goes against everything the BBB is about. They are supposed to grade or rate a business based on the complaints they have received about them. At any rate, here are the companies that they recommend...

  • Empire Gold Buyers
  • Gold Fellow
  • Pro Gold Network

It is also a good thing to remember that your local pawn shop, and jeweler will also buy your gold at 45-80% its retail value. Which is a really good thing. In any case you should have them check out your gold to get a price of reference before giving your gold to anyone for a price. Luckily most places that will have you send off your gold for money, will ask you if you accept before actually giving you a check. Some of the companies give you pennies on the dollar and wait for you to complain. Be informed. Get the best overall price for your gold, no matter who you sell it to.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Funny Cash4Gold Letter Recieved by Mr. Haberny

I found this letter on the internet addressed to Mr. Haberny by Cash4Gold execs. This letter is the most hilarious letter I have seen from the company. This guy obviously was trying to extort cash from Cash4Gold, which is a VERY good thing, because that is exactly what they do to millions of people across the globe, and I find it the most hilarious thing I have ever read. Check this Letter out. I will post a picture of what I found, and then I will hand type it so that it is very clear what happened....Here is the letter...Click it to make it larger...

Here is the letter hand typed by me...

Dear Mr. Haberny,

After sending back your zip lock bag of gold painted rocks that you considered "14 karat gold nuggets found on a soul searching pilgrimage in Tibet with a quadriplegic hooker you picked up in Singapore", we find it is truly unfortunate that you can not understand the concept of "Do Not Contact Us Again".

Your fraudulent attempt to extort money from our seasoned geologists (who are experts in identifying precious metals) has forced us to take extreme action; this is your final warning before we contact the authorities. Your "rocks" have shown up in our inventory three times now. We will no longer attempt to return them, but will keep them as evidence. You are not entitled to any money, especially the ludicrous amount of $1,423,061.92 you demanded for your Cash 4 Gold payment. Your petition for an "ungreased, backdoor; Hammertime lovemaking session" with our telemarketer's Carol and Tracy is feral and preposterous. Your absurd request to be reimbursed for postage ($167.45, $138.33 & $142.73) is unwarranted and completely illicit. As a reminder Mr. Haberny, Ed McMahon passed away June 23, 2009. It is not only disrespectful but also utterly moronic to request that he host your birthday party at McDonalds.

This is the last time that we will be in contact with you.

(Insert Chicken Scratch Here)

Jeff Aronson

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