Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another News Report About Cash4Gold

These people are really bad scam artists. On their ad it clearly says "We Give Top Dollar for Your Gold" then they tell you that their price for gold was that amount at that time. This reporter sends in a wedding band, and has it appraised at perrywinkles for $105 in store credit, or $93.00 in cash. Now she then took the ring to see if Cash4Gold's prices would be a better rate, considering thats what they say in their television commercial. Absolutely not, Cash4Gold sent a check back for $16.30. PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR! Don't fall for these Cash for Gold scams. They are a total rip off, and the CEO just continues to say "That is what that gold was worth to me at THAT time." What a crock. Cash4Gold was created by thieves for thieves. Think about it...If someone went into someone else's house and stole all of their gold jewelry and they sold it to Cash4Gold to be untraceable by the police, do you think they would care that it was pennies on the dollar? NO! They have no idea what the jewelry is worth, so they are willing to take anything especially considering they stole it in the first place. This is a very shady business practice, and the BBB is just as corrupt. People lie to us everyday folks, anything to make a quick buck.

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