Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The History and Future of Gold

Gold has been such an important metal to human beings for a very long time, and for a variety of different reasons. Gold that has been produced since day one, 85% of that gold is still used today. People go through many extremes to extract and bar gold. This is a very interesting production about the different processes of extracting gold from computer parts, or even from rock ore straight from the mines in south Africa. When extracted from recycled computers however, you would be surprised how much gold is extracted with less effort than owning a mine and extracting from rock ore. Old computers are easier to extract gold from compared to the richest gold mine ore in any part of the world. Don't throw away your computers just yet, who knows how much gold is in yours. I think this grants more of an investigation on my part. Everyone has old computers and electronics that have gone obsolete. Could extracting gold from these parts become an easier process? This video also shows the importance gold has when used in the extreme environment of space. Many space rockets, and satellites have a lot of gold on them because of its conductivity and its resistance to such extreme conditions. This has taught me a lot about the harvesting of Gold that I never knew before.

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