Thursday, April 7, 2011

Advice on The Real Way To Buy Gold Without Getting Ripped Off

There are 3 ways to invest in gold. You can buy physical gold like jewelry and bars, the second is buying some kind of contract thats price is fixed to the price of gold. The third way is to buy shares in gold mining companies. There are a variety of mining companies that just mind gold, or mine a variety of other minerals. The company might have excellent gold reserves, but it has poor management, or vice versa. Its relatively easy to buy and sell shares. It could be difficult to sell physical gold, not to mention you will have to spend some money on the storage of said gold in a secure location. Lots and lots of gold is held in bullion form, and is used by central banks. It is mostly used to defend their currency. Gold is a good investment, but its not as straight forward as it looks. Be careful and research each avenue, to find what the best decision is for you. Good luck, and happy investing!

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