Friday, May 27, 2011

Prisoners Inside Chinese Labor Camp Play MMORPGs To Harvest Virtual Gold

There is a Chinese labor camp in northeast part of China that actually made prisoners and/or slaves harvest gold in online video games (the article doesn't say which one) but we can bet its World of Warcraft being the most played most expensive MMORPG on the Internet. So the Chinese labor camp forced these guys to play the game and get as much gold as they could so that the labor camp would then exchange the currency for real money. People on eBay and other auction sites have been selling accounts and or the game's virtual currency in order to make real profit. Imagine how much money you could make if you had all inmates focused on jacking peoples gold, or just doing mindless tasks of killing sheep etc. This is pretty bad sweat shops and labor camps in China are now turning digital. You can also find places like this where their job is to type CAPTCHA images daily so that they can make money per image that is typed for a paying client (spammer) this is just not cool. I figured I would do a post about it and let people know that maybe harvesting gold on World of Warcraft might make you a decent income?

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