Sunday, July 17, 2011

Get Money To Your PayPal Daily and Help Others In Need

If you could earn money from home with very little effort by sending 1 simple email to all of your contacts, posting to a social network, or even post to a blog that would result in a significant amount of money flowing into your PayPal account daily would you be interested? Many people on line have been harassed by scams and schemes talking about quick money and false promises that you will become a millionaire. The average person, like you and I, are looking for a simple way that is foolproof and guaranteed to make money with very little effort, from the comfort of your own home. I searched the Internet day and night looking for the best money-making opportunity and I happened to find the most ingenious method to making money I have ever seen! You won't believe how simple it is to set it up and start making money to your PayPal account TODAY! Grab a chair, read this entire post to the end! Get ready; you are about to see something different, something that will not cost you a fortune to start. It will not even cost you the price of a large smoothie!

Have money flowing into your PayPal daily. Don't let 5 bucks stand in the way of making a significant online income! You could have money within hours of reading this post. Start receiving your daily PayPal “Cash Gifts” today!!!

This method of making money daily really works. All you have to do is be honest and remember this is a great way to get paid online, by receiving PayPal deposits.


You will start making money immediately! This will not take weeks or months like some; this will happen immediately! This is seriously the money making opportunity that everyone has been waiting for. I guarantee; you could have as much as $5,000 in your PayPal account in 2 weeks. You need two  things to get started; you need $5 and a PayPal Premier or Business account .  It only takes 30 minutes to start and open a PayPal account.

If you  are serious and want to make money as quick as possible; then please take a moment to read this carefully and thoroughly to understand the way this program works!!!

Trust me when I say this is not what you think. You do not have to send $5 to 10 people to buy some type of report or silly e-book promising “how to” make money, or to promote a mailing list. You will not have to invest any more money later to continue to make money. Only one time; $5. This is a  completely new way to help others and to allow others to help each other.  A simple easy way to pay it forward.  It is no secret that the more you do for others; the more you will be blessed.  It is time for you to reap what you sow. Whatever you give out to others, God will eventually give back to you. This is the basic nature of God's Justice: "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW."  Today; all you have to give is $5 and you WILL help so many by sending this same post to all in your contact list; to any and all social networks you may belong too.  The more you send; the more you bless others and the more you will reap what you sow!
You will never forget this day. The day you discovered this post online...
Get ready it is your time...


1) An email address
2) A Business or Premier PayPal account with at least $5 deposited on it.
3) 30 minutes of your spare time to set up and send.

This is all done in only 2 simple steps. If you are working, or are involved in other programs, by all means, please do not stop. This is so simple & so fast, that you will not believe how easy it will be to get started & make money quickly!  First, I just want to say that there are only TWO POSITIONS, not four, five, or six positions like many of the other programs out there. This program is much more realistic and is much, much faster when it comes to actual money in your account fast. This is so easy that the response rate will be VERY HIGH and VERY FAST! You will not have to be wait around to get a check or money. You will receive your reward in 14 DAYS OR LESS! Thats only two weeks! Just  in time to help with your next month's bills!

This program WILL PAY FASTER than any other programs you may be working or even trickle in! Just give one person $5. THAT'S IT!

Follow the simple instructions and in two weeks, you should have $5,000 because most PEOPLE WILL RESPOND due to the LOW ONE TIME INVESTMENT, SPEED AND THE HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL. Plus, it is all done ONLINE, so there is no time wasted time waiting on mail!!!

Remember: "What You Do Comes Back To You." So let's start helping each other out during these tough times; let's all keep this going!!!  We all have bills and owe money to bill collectors and creditors.  It is time to get ahead... with this program, if people take the time to help each other,  the good fortune will follow!!!  It is the basic “Golden Rule”  Take advantage of the benefits that this SIMPLE and REWARDING program offers and give the gift that gives back TODAY!  It is time to reap what you sow; your reward for helping others!

SIMPLY send a “$5 gift” via PayPal to the person in POSITION #1 below if your birthday falls   Between JANUARY 1 and JUNE 30,


if your birthday falls between  JULY 1 and DECEMBER 31, then send the “$5 gift” via PayPal to the person in POSITION # 2.


The very first thing you need to do is SIGN UP for a PayPal account.  It only takes 10 minutes!  Make sure to sign up for a free PREMIER or BUSINESS account (and NOT a PERSONAL account) otherwise you will not be able to receive credit card payments from other people.

It is an undeniable law of the universe that we MUST first give in order to receive. (The Golden Rule) So you must IMMEDIATELY send a $5 payment from your PREMIER or BUSINESS PayPal account  to the email address in either the 1st or 2nd position, along with a note saying: "HERE IS A $5 GIFT FOR YOU." Be certain to add this note, as this is what KEEPS THIS PROGRAM LEGAL. Instructions on how to send a payment are under the "SEND MONEY" tab at the PayPal site. It's so Easy!! When you send your $5 payment to either address in the list, do it with a great big smile on your face because "as you sow, so shall you reap!" After you have transferred a $5 payment to the email address, something very special will happen. You will get an indescribable, overwhelming sense of certainty, belief and conviction in the system. You've just proven to yourself that since you have done it, there must be a great number of other people ready to do the exact same thing. Thus you have now seen for yourself, first hand, that this business actually works! REMOVE the email address that you sent the $5 to and REPLACE it with your own email address. REMEMBER: You must use the same EMAIL ADDRESS that is used with YOUR PayPal account !!!  After replacing the recipient PayPal e-mail address with yours, post this very same letter to at least 50 Message Boards, Chat Rooms, or Newsgroups. DO NOT WASTE TIME OVER ANALYZING THIS... IT IS JUST 30 MIN OF YOUR TIME AND ONLY $5 THAT IS IT! BY DOING SO YOU WILL HAVE HELPED OTHERS...





You will not become a millionaire with this program, but you WILL be able to get ahead and pay off credit cards, student loans and assorted bills that never seem to go away. Good luck and God Bless.

Please play fairly and good fortune will follow.

WHY THIS PROGRAM WORKS: Straight to the point, the reason this program is SO SUCCESSFUL is because after posting this letter in 50 different message boards or forums, there are only TWO outcomes (1) A person's birthday will fall on the same half as yours YOU GET $5.00..OR (2) A person's birthday will fall on the other half of the time line, therefore, YOU STAY IN YOUR POSITION posted in 50 other MESSAGE BOARDS, etc. BOTTOMLINE: Either you get the $5 or your name gets passed on for other people to give YOU $5 or pass YOUR name on to other people that will. It makes you think though, the more you post YOUR OWN POSTS, the BETTER the results!



Please give it an honest effort. You will not be disappointed!  You will be very happy when it starts to work. Sometimes it takes 50, 60, even 100 or 200 names before you get 20 responses, but it only takes a moment. Be creative, send to all your contacts!  Remember, your only out of pocket $ is the cost of a cup of coffee; with a great opportunity to help others with the reward and benefit of seeing thousands of dollars in your PayPal account very soon.  May God bless us all!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Why do Governments Never Sell Their Gold Stash?

Most Governments have a huge stash of gold that they aren't willing to sell to get out of debt. This should be a crime. However because of this, it is causing gold to reach record highs as both huge corporations and private citizens hoard as much gold as they can. Greece has a huge stock pile of gold, and instead of selling it they are asking for help and a "bailout" from the European Union. This is ridiculous. I believe this has a lot to do with governments sending out false reports on how much gold they actually have. When does the bubble pop? When are these governments going to finally flood the market with their stockpile? Are you ready for the decrease in the value of gold when that happens? I have been a huge supporter of investing in gold ever since it was $1000 an ounce. Now gold is just under $1500 an ounce and I believe I was not wrong in that respect. Now I am afraid with all of this turmoil in the middle east countries will ask for help from the EU, until the EU can't help anymore. When that happens, they will move to their stock pile. How much money would they get? More than 3 years ago thats for sure. Now if you are an investor in gold, I recommend you take the situation in the Middle East into respect. The last thing you want to do is invest your last dollar in gold right now. We could be looking at huge market manipulation on a global level. Now on every investment forum across the Internet, people are talking about the security in gold investing. Now that security may get thrown in their face as governments deal with more and more uprisings, all the while looking to the European Union to pay their debts. Its only a matter of time before gold starts a major decline. If you wanted to invest in gold you should have done it long ago. Now its time to sit back and watch the fireworks. Have a good 4th of July.

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Suspect in Gold 4 Cash Robbery is Named Clayton Woods

[Source: Brighton Police Department]

They have finally found out the identity of a suspect who has violently robbed a Gold 4 Cash store in Brighton Colorado. The police department of Brighton says they are working hard to find out the identity of the other persons involved in the robbery. It might be hard, but hopefully they get a clue. If anyone is aware of the whereabouts of this person, please contact 911 and talk to the Brighton Police Department in Colorado. This is a very violent man and he should not be approached. Four men entered the store sometime on Monday and acted like they were going to sell jewelry to the store. They didn't sell jewelry the police say, instead they robbed as many valuables as they could find. Most of what they got was high end rings, and watches from the display cases. One of the men hit one of the employees on the head really hard and caused a lot of anguish. I hope they are found soon. This kind of crime cannot go unpunished. This is one of the most violent and scary situations to be a part of. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

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