Friday, July 1, 2011

Why do Governments Never Sell Their Gold Stash?

Most Governments have a huge stash of gold that they aren't willing to sell to get out of debt. This should be a crime. However because of this, it is causing gold to reach record highs as both huge corporations and private citizens hoard as much gold as they can. Greece has a huge stock pile of gold, and instead of selling it they are asking for help and a "bailout" from the European Union. This is ridiculous. I believe this has a lot to do with governments sending out false reports on how much gold they actually have. When does the bubble pop? When are these governments going to finally flood the market with their stockpile? Are you ready for the decrease in the value of gold when that happens? I have been a huge supporter of investing in gold ever since it was $1000 an ounce. Now gold is just under $1500 an ounce and I believe I was not wrong in that respect. Now I am afraid with all of this turmoil in the middle east countries will ask for help from the EU, until the EU can't help anymore. When that happens, they will move to their stock pile. How much money would they get? More than 3 years ago thats for sure. Now if you are an investor in gold, I recommend you take the situation in the Middle East into respect. The last thing you want to do is invest your last dollar in gold right now. We could be looking at huge market manipulation on a global level. Now on every investment forum across the Internet, people are talking about the security in gold investing. Now that security may get thrown in their face as governments deal with more and more uprisings, all the while looking to the European Union to pay their debts. Its only a matter of time before gold starts a major decline. If you wanted to invest in gold you should have done it long ago. Now its time to sit back and watch the fireworks. Have a good 4th of July.

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